Whether you’re just starting university or going back after the summer
break, you might be asking yourself, how will I survive living with other people?! Follow our advice and you’ll be just fine!

Don’t take all the space.

Just because you got there before your soon-to-be housemate, that doesn’t give you the right to take up all the space in the kitchen. Leave some cupboard space for others too, after all… sharing is caring!

Wash up after yourself.

Leaving piles of dirty dishes to stack up for days isn’t cool, mould is a no no! Get into the habit of washing as you go along. Your room buddies will be a lot happier.

Don’t make too much noise.

If you know your housemates go to bed at 11pm but you prefer to sleep later, try to be considerate and keep it down in the evenings.

>Keep communal areas clean

Don’t leave your laundry lying around in the living room! Keep shared areas tidy.

Come up with a cleaning rota

A deep clean is needed once a week to keep your living space free of flies and strange insects you’ve probably never come across before!

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