Shared living can come as a culture shock; the coalition of familial tropes, forced together under one roof. Some of us may be born cleaners – scrubbing every nook and cranny to offset the stress of assignments, whereas some of us won’t notice the trail of chaos we leave behind. Whilst neither of these is strictly right or wrong, often just habitual, it can be tricky living harmoniously with these two preferences at play.

Living with others for the first time?

Student living can be exceptionally tricky, as it’s often the first time we leave the family home and realise what it is that makes us happy at home. So we advise, for all you first timers, creating a cleaning schedule that’ll even out the chores and keep the house in check!

The first step would be to round up your roommates and list the cleaning duties and the days of the week they must be done. Here’s an idea of the list of jobs that you might want to include:

  • Taking out the bins
  • Vacuuming/mopping the floor
  • Cleaning the oven, hob & grill
  • Cleaning the fridge
  • Cleaning the toilet
  • Cleaning the bath/shower & sink
  • Dusting

What do you hate doing? What don’t you mind doing? If no compromise can be made, pull names out of a hat and rotate the duties with each term – alternatively you can rotate the duties weekly if this suits. This is just an example and may not suit all households as there are other things to consider, such as:

  • Some students have different pressures at different times, depending how their course is weighted – some being coursework heavy, some exam heavy
  • Some students cook more often than others
  • Some students have other commitments such as part time jobs or sports teams

Once you’ve outlined the chores, draw up a list of cleaning products needed for each and split the cost equally. Not sure of what you’ll need? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a shopping list for you:

Student Cleaning Tips
The Usual Suspects
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cleaning cloths – such as J clothes
  • Scouring sponges
  • Bin bags – recycling bags will be provided by your local council
  • All purpose bathroom cleaner – must be antibacterial
  • Lime scale remover
  • All purpose kitchen cleaner – must be antibacterial
  • Toilet cleaner
  • All purpose kitchen  cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • Mop & mop heads

Taking the time to draw up this rota will really pay off in the long run, making your shared living environment a happy one, where the load is shared equally.

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