Student Hangover

Hangovers and university come hand in hand; nights of downing shots and debauchery are never far away so rather than deny yourself the fun, read up on our top tips to do away with those dreaded days in bed. Whilst we can’t promise any miracles, we can provide you with some simple remedies to manage the myriad of symptoms that follow the night before.

Step One: Prevention

  • Stock up on these necessary supplies when you go out to do the pre-drinks dash:

Dioralyte sachets – Yes, we know them for treating an upset stomach but being hungover puts your body in a similar position with depleted salts and minerals

Painkillers – Paracetamol and Ibuprofen (according to the recommended dose) are going to sooth that pounding head

Juice – the first sip after the night before can be nasty, so a mouthful of flavour can be a welcomed change to water. Juice will also supply you with vitamins to help kick that hangovers toxins

Carbs – fill up your cupboard with easy, carby snacks. We recommend anything that can go in the toaster such as bread (of course), potato waffles, scotch pancakes. You’ll want to spend zero to no time in the kitchen so these are the perfect go-to

  • Line your stomach! Before you go out, make sure you make time for some munch. It’s dangerous to go out on an empty stomach, trust us!
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Step Two: Duration

  • Darker drinks can cause disaster hangovers, that’s what we’ve learnt! There are things called congeners in drinks such as red wine, dark rum etc. so stick to lighter or clear drinks. We can’t suggest you’ll get off scott free but it certainly won’t be as bad
  • Don’t mix! Pick your poison and commit to it!
  • Ordering water at the bar may not look cool, but you’ll certainly be the winner tomorrow. Set yourself a target, every two drinks have a pint of water? If not at the bar, then at least a pint before you get into bed – you’re investing in the future you…
Cardiff Hangover

Step Three: Aftermath

  • See all those things we wrote in Step One? Follow those. Reap the rewards of the responsible you!
  • Snooze! Sleeping really is the best remedy so if you can, hit the snooze button and roll back over to catch those well needed Zzz’s
  • If your head is pounding, sometimes a cold wet flannel on your forehead can really do the trick
  • After all the fun from the night before, your true lifeline the next day will be Netflix. Hit the play button and let them nurse you through the hangovers

Now you have your rituals and remedies in place, here’s a gentle reminder to drink responsibly – and of course, have heaps of fun.


Cheers - Cardiff Students