University life can be a life of newfound freedom as most you may be leaving the nest to live in a shared living situation with other students. This freedom comes with its challenges and perks. During your time as a student at the university, you are likely to meet a lot of people, including some of the
greatest people you’ll ever meet in your life.

Similarly, while living in a Student House, you are also bound to come across some fascinating characters, but they will make your life as a student and your time in a student accommodation even more interesting.

Here are some Cardiff students you can expect to meet in student houses:

The Party Animal

The Party Animal

This person who is out every night and is most likely hungover during the day. Their time at Uni is one big party. If there is a party, then they are up for it, and if there isn’t one, then they most likely arrange one. This person is all about enjoying their newfound freedom.

The Procrastinator

Only a few hours left before they have to submit the big assignment? While you are panicking and losing your mind, the procrastinator is busy chilling because they believe there is plenty of time left. Their laid-back attitude does not always mean that they are lazy, they have other more interesting (read: random) things to do like binge-watch television, seeing how many marshmallows they can put in their mouth or watch a countless number of videos of cats (you get the idea) before finally getting back to work.

The Goody Two-Shoes

Also known as the rule follower, this person loves details and structure. If your student house doesn’t have many rules, then trust the goody-two-shoes to make some up and insist that you follow them.

A Word of caution – they are also more likely to snitch on you if you break a rule.

The Social Media Addict

The Social Media Addict
The Social Media Addict

This person lives by the mantra “If it is not on social media then it didn’t happen.” Extremely active on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other forms of social media, this person lives vicariously through the posts on social media. They love to document everything that happens during the day on through their phone and love taking mirror selfies for OOTDs.

The Loud One

This person is a classic, everyone on student housing knows one, and there is one in almost every student house – the over-confident loud talker. Their dominant and opinionated personality can be annoying. They love to tell everyone (EVERYONE) about what they are thinking and laugh the loudest most likely at their jokes.

Noteworthy mentions:

  • The homebody – who goes back home every weekend and misses home a lot.
  • The aspiring chef – loves to cook and is a treat to be with.
  • The borrower – always borrowing things from everyone and never returns anything.
  • The messy one – immune to the mess and is allergic to cleaning.
  • The one who smokes something funky.
  • The one with the guitar.