Managing money is stressful, especially when you are a university student and you have to worry about the increasing education expenses and your limited budget. However, managing money can become a breeze if you know how to manage your money smartly.

1. Make a budget

Plan! Plan! And, plan! Pre-planning you monthly, weekly and even daily budget can help you save a lot! If you will have a more clear idea about how much money do you have and what amount goes where you will have a better grip on managing your expenses The more grasp you will have on your expenses, the easier it will become to save a little extra by cutting down the expenses.

2. Keep an eye on the discounts

Whether they are discount offers, discount vouchers, sale or online discounts – you have to make sure that you keep a close eye on it. You might think that discount offers are not worth the effort and saving a few pounds on something will not make any difference in your saving; however, in the longer run, you will eventually be saving a good amount of money. Check out websites like Student Beans for exclusive student offers

3. Think before you buy

 If something is on discount, it doesn’t mean that you should get it! Think twice before making a purchase. Make sure that you ask yourself whether you need it? Is it necessary? Can you do without it or not? Make sure that you prioritise your expenses! And AVOID impulse buying!

4. Keep your options open for affordable accommodation

Housing is expensive, so you have to keep your options open and keep searching for affordable student accommodation options. If you think that managing studies while looking for affordable accommodation options is not possible for you, then you can opt for services like Cardiff Rooms.

5. Plan meals and make a grocery list

Shopping Trolly

Eating out is easy! But it can take increase your expenses to a drastic level. If you want to save money, you would have to plan your meals and purchase the grocery accordingly. You can also save big if you would make simple changes like taking homemade lunch to university and making your coffee at home.

6. Cut down on gas and electricity consumption

Being a little more careful with your gas and electricity consumption can easily reduce the bills by hundreds of pounds per month. Making small efforts like turning off extra lights, turning the gas off when you feel the room is warm enough, avoid using electronic appliances that consume too much energy – little steps will sum up to significant savings in the longer run.

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7. Entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive

Entertainment is not only when you spend a lot of money, but you can also spend little and still have a good time. University students can enjoy events that are organised by their university rather than spending their own money on expensive entertainment options.

Be creative! Think about alternatives! Find better more affordable options and try them! Saving money isn’t impossible; you just have to plan a little and spend smartly! I hope these tips are helpful. Good luck!